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Bentonite for paper making

Product Preview Product number:008
model numbers:TY-601
product price:3000RMB/ton
Attention degree:18351 people

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standard code:JC/T529-1995
main compon:Bentonite
Appearance color:White powder
Application range:Improve the retention of small materials, improve the speed of water filter, improve the forming quality of paper, and improve the whiteness of the paper.

Bentonite has the advantages of fine particle size, high purity, good whiteness, strong cation exchange capacity, good water absorption and expansion, good suspension performance, and wide range of suitable acidity and alkalinity. Meet during the expansion of water volume and ratio surface area can be increased by several times, the main content of montmorillonite micro crystal surface with negative charges on the surface and edge with a positive charge, and cationic polymer combined use can achieve excellent retention and drainage effect. Suitable for acidic or alkaline paper-making environment can replace titanium dioxide, silica, kaolin and other products.

Bentonite samples for paper making

Main functions of bentonite used in paper making

1.Improve the retention of small substances, reduce the concentration of white water;

2、Increase the speed of water filter;

3、To improve the distribution of ash and various additives;

4、Improve the forming quality of paper sheet;

5、Stable adhesive and resin, balance anionic adhesive;

6、With the function of cleaning paper machine, improve the operation performance of paper machine;

7、Reduce fiber and chemical accessories consumption, reduce the comprehensive cost;

Paper industry to join a certain amount of high whiteness bentonite bentonite fillers, can maintain the stability of the wet conditions, improved paper pigment dispersion, uniform, surface smoothness, transparency and sheet evenly, significantly improve the paper breaking and tearing index. Bentonite can improve the pulp fines, filler and wet end chemicals retention rate, reduce sediment, mouldproof and bacteriostatic, to avoid the formation of slime pulp, save cost of raw material, effectively reducing pulp consumption, reduce the white water concentration and emissions, reduce pollution.

Bentonite for paper making

Bentonite for paper making

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