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Bentonite for ceramic

Product Preview Product number:006
model numbers:TY-T1
product price:600RMB/ton
Attention degree:16606 people

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standard code:GB/T 20973-2007
main compon:Bentonite
Appearance color:White powder
Application range:Ceramic product whitening agent、Ceramic packing、Ceramic reinforcing agent

Ceramic bentonite technology index
Ceramic bentonite technology index

This product is mainly used for ceramic products, in the production process of ceramic products used as a plastic filler, especially in the need to sinter high whiteness of ceramic products in the use of. This product has the rheology and expandable characteristics, can increase the plasticity and strength of ceramic plaster, increase the paste water suspension colloid stability, make ceramic products with high bonding strength and anti bending capabilities.

Add this product in ceramic production and processing, not only can increase the embryo body or glaze can Shuo, can also increase the stability of the lubrication and the matrix of, the after burning ceramic products surface more smooth and bright, greatly improve the touch and the beauty of the ceramic products.

In the processing of ceramic glaze, ceramic with bentonite is also used as plasticizing agent and a thickening agent, provide the strength, plasticity and high adhesion of glaze and support.

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