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Rich resources

Our advantage 【1 resource advantages】

Tianyu bentonite technology is located is known as "township of bentonite in China" reputation, is located in our country the best quality, the most abundant bentonite bentonite ore source, suitable for processing all kinds of products in the quality of the original soil, with an annual production capacity of the comprehensive mining processing up to hundreds of thousands of tons, rich reserves of raw materials for the sustainable development of the company provides strong support and guarantee.

Our bentonite resources are extremely rich, now has independent right to exploit bentonite bentonite mines the main seat 5, total reserves in more than 2000 million tons, including sodium bentonite, calcium base bentonite, bentonite of aluminum, calcium sodium bentonite and calcium base bentonite scarcity of bentonite resources.

Bentonite industry depends on the smooth development of the rich and high quality bentonite ore resources. The bentonite resources have been found in the world is mainly distributed in China, the United States and the former Soviet Union, has proven the three countries of bentonite reserves accounted for about four fifths of the world's total reserves, which China's reserves ranking first in the world, accounting for about 60% of the world's total. Bentonite resources in China are mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Xinjiang and other regions, the company's bentonite mine is located in the territory of Inner Mongolia high quality ore source.

Bentonite resource advantage Bentonite resource advantage Bentonite resource advantage Bentonite resource advantage
【Bentonite ore photos】


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